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This day is one of my favourite days of the year. Being a chiropractor I am completely in love with this beautiful structure of bone and connective tissues. TODAY is the one-day I get to tell you how much I love it!

"Oh spine I love the, let me count the ways"

1. You protect the spinal cord. Without which I could not do what I do or be who I am.

2. You protect the spinal cord yet still allow movement with 30 segments called vertebrae. I am not walking around like a stick figure. 0-|--<

3. You are squishy when I am in my Mummies tummy so I can fit in and come out! Then slowly become bone until I am fully grown at 25 years.

4. You get your shape from when I start to lift my head, crawl and then stand. If you did not protect my nerve system, I would never be able to learn to do theses things and you would not get your shape.

5.This shape acts like a spring so I don’t hurt myself when I walk, run and dance.#nutbush

6.To further cushion me you have water-gel like bouncy sponges between my vertebrae called discs. When we sleep you try and plump them up again as I used them and squished them a bit and If they dry out they start to crack.#plentyofwater #plentyofsleep #discs

7.So I can move in any direction I want, you have joints that work together from top to bottom called facets. Like faces that fit together oh so perfectly doing a beautiful mirroring dance.

8.When I move my joints don’t fall apart. You have muscle and ligaments holding them together. They are very stretchy so I can still move the way I want, but not too far as to break.

9.You have gaps between the vertebrae on the sides so the nerves can get out. This means my brain gets to send information down through the spinal cord and out these openings to all parts of my body, so it works!

10.You have little arms and a protective coating that come out from the inside of you to hold the spinal cord in place all the way along. So I don’t bump my precious nerve system on your hard shell.

11.You adapt. You keep me doing what I want and put up with it for years. Before you can’t take it any longer and you start to deteriorate. I am sorry :(

12.You can change and heal and adapt again, if there is no interference and I watch what I do.

13.90% of the organisms on the planet do not have a spine. You are unique and need to be protected. I love you.’t

As amazing as this structure the spine is, it is taken for granted. Until the day it no longer works how you expect it to. Then often alot of time, effort and money is put into trying to fix it. When is too late?

On this 16thof October we get to celebrate world spine day “Love your spine”. This day is for bringing awareness to how you can love your spine and look after it for longevity. Over 1 Billion people around the world experience back pain of some sort in their lifetime. It is the biggest cause of disability on the planet and sadly not everyone has access to health care that can help.