We are all elegant by design. Each aspect of your being works in sequence with the other. It is designed to be well and healthy. To heal and grow and regenerate … if kept in a balanced ratio. The structure you were born with was designed using an elegant ratio called the golden ratio. This ratio is based on the Fibonacci sequence represented by the Greek letter phi being 1.6180339887… It was discovered by a man named Leonardo Pisano Bogollo, who lived in Italy, between 1170 and 1250. His nickname was ‘Fibonacci’ which means ‘Son of Bonacci’.

In our world it has been found that this proportioning ratio. When applied to different shapes can create the most beautiful structures and patterns. 20th Century architect Erns Neufert (1900-1986) propagated the Golden Ratio as the architectural principal of proportion in the human body. For him this ratio provides the primary link between all harmonies in architecture. Structurally the ratio provides strength and it is also thought to be aesthetically pleasing and simple.

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Some examples of this ratio in the human body include the spiral of your ear and fingerprint. The length of our hands from palm to longest finger multiplied by phi is the length of the forearm. The total height of a human and the distance from naval to big toe is also in ratio.

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So what would happen to your body and its function if the structure fell out of ratio?

The human structure is strong because of this ratio by innate design. It is also susceptible to trauma and good old wear and tear. Taking care and servicing the structure, just like you would a car, can help maintain the ratio. In turn helping to maintain the strength of the structure. Some people who seek chiropractic care do so when their structure no longer functions like it use to. They have pain, dysfunction, symptoms and poor health. They’ve never serviced the structure instead they’ve taken it for granted with a mindset that no pain means their structure is balanced and well.

How long do you think it takes to get this amazing structure you were born with to the point of chronic pain? One day of sitting? 3 weeks of standing all day? Or 5 months of repetitive stress? What about years of absorbing minor/major accidents, years of bearing children, years sitting in that office job, years of sports and hobbies and 'years of all of the above'? Remember your bodies internal program is to be well and healthy. Allowing this internal program to function at it’s best requires the least amount of interference to the structure.

image courtesy of: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11935291/Children-becoming-hunchbacks-due-to-addiction-to-smart-phones.html

image courtesy of: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/11935291/Children-becoming-hunchbacks-due-to-addiction-to-smart-phones.html

The purpose of chiropractic is to assist the elegance of the structure to function at its best. Adjustments help to remove interference, stress in the structure (alterations to the ratio) and allow the internal program of being well to function at its best. The 23rd of November is Fibonacci day “1, 1, 2, 3” the first 4 letters of the Fibonacci sequence. On this day reflect on this amazing ratio and ask yourself if your structure is truly in balance.

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