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Research shows that when we visualise we stimulate the same part of our brain as we do when we perform an action. The brain is highly stimulated by images far greater than just words. Visualise colour, motion, light, sound and smell to that image with exceptional detail and you’ve created “brain candy”. The brain will light up like a Christmas tree and neural pathways are wired in the blink of an eye.
Many athletes use visualisation to focus on how they would like aspects of their training and competitions to “playout”. One researcher did an experiment with a group of basket ballers. The first group were to practice free throws daily for 20min. The second group were to use visualisation only to practice daily for 20 min. The last group did neither. The result… The ‘do neither’ group of course did not improve in their game at all.  The visualisation only group improved their free throw game to be almost equal with the practice only group.
How about using visualisation for what you want in your life? This is your life and your brain is designed to help you create it. You have everything you need inside of you to start moving yourself towards your goals.  Visualisation is not about believing in magic. The more your brain learns what you want in life the more it can provide a plan to get you there.
Neuroscientist Dr Kerry Spackman wrote a book in 2009 called "The Winners Bible”. This book is all about the art of visualisation and the neuroscience behind it. It is well worth the read and following the guide on how to make your own “Winners Bible”. Spackman explains that doing daily visualisation is like giving your brain an upgrade. Your thoughts can alter your brains biochemistry and wiring.
Yes your brain is made of wiring, as is the rest of your nerve system, likened to the wiring in a computer. This is an aspect of the brain I find so fascinating!  Your brain can literally rewire itself. Creating new connections and deleting others. Or creating new habits and getting rid of others. Below is a link to a short video that shows a real time brain neuron wiring and unwiring. What you will see could be someone forming a new idea, goal, action or emotion…it could literally be anything and it happens quicker than you think! Practice your visualisation and you will strengthen the bond. Interesting to note you can also strengthen aspects you of yourself you don’t find desirable. So be mindful of your thoughts and what you choose to wire and strengthen.

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