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Nurture Chiropractic Tweed Heads welcomes all seeking to experience a gentle chiropractic approach regardless of your age, complaint or current life journey. We listen with care to thoroughly understand your complaints, goals and needs. Your history and systems review is taken at the time of your initial consultation before your examination to give a clear picture of how we may help. We tailor our approach to suit each person and their needs based on their initial consultation findings. We offer a nurturing approach which enables you to relax and enjoy your chiropractic experience. Our Chiropractor Tweed Heads is experienced in assisting people with a range of symptoms and discomforts.  These symptoms may hinder a persons ability to perform daily routine and enjoy sports and hobbies of optimal living of life. Whether yourself, your child, friend or loved one are suffering from symptoms including posture, back pain, headaches or other concerns – our Chiropractor Tweed Heads provide nurturing care for people in all stages of life.

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pregnancy care Tweed heads

We have experience in providing pre and postnatal care for all mothers. Regardless your stage of pregnancy or your symptoms call us for a pregnancy care chiropractic Tweed Heads appointment and let us assess if we can help.

Chiropractic Services Tweed Heads

Babies & children

Due to the complex nature of the birthing process – babies could be susceptible to symptoms created during the birth process. Factors including long labour, false labour, vacuum or forceps extraction and caesarean procedures could result in creating muscles strain, tension and pain in the babies body.

We have experience in working with babies and children with various issues. A calm and gentle approach is in our nature while we assess your little one.  Should your child be a little more active and prefer to play on the floor with toys or sit on mums lap to have their spine checked we are flexible and happy to accomodate. We aim to make your baby and child's experience at Nurture Chiropractic Tweed Heads as enjoyable and relaxing for all.  

Chiropractor Tweed Heads

Teens & Young Adults

As tough and vital as they may seem, teens and young adults are still developing and are susceptible to a wide range of posture-related issues. Chiropractic views posture and spinal health is as equally as important as brushing teeth and regular exercise. The presence or absence of trauma and repetitive stressors causing symptoms and discomfort determine one to make choices like a stepping-stone on the path to ones future self.

Society today requires teens to perform in many areas of their life at a fast “give it your all” pace both academically and physically.  Combine that with a posture “un-conscious” teenager and a smart device and you may find your teens posture concerning or they may complain of issues including neck, back and shoulder pain to headaches. These pesky pains can be distracting and lead to things like poor sleep and concentration to name a few.

Nurture Chiropractic for teens and young adults understand the spines developmental processes. We can help your teen relieve symptoms and aches and educate them on the importance of great posture and spinal care. 


Even as bodies become mature we continue to develop into the adventures of adulthood. The daily stress of work and family with juggling friendships and personal health can take a toll on physical and mental wellbeing. 

Many symptoms including lower and mid back pain, poor posture, headaches, sleep discomfort, neck and shoulder pain – our Chiropractic Services Tweed Heads upon comprehensive examination how we may assist you in obtaining relief naturally from your complaint.

Young at Heart

As Chiropractors we often hear ‘its just old age’, but this is something we strongly disagree with. Age should not automatically include tolerating pain or taking pain medication daily to cope.  Many active seniors, the “young at heart”, seek our services to continue to increase their quality of life. 

Quality of life is enjoying activities you have always loved to do like dancing, play golf, running marathons, surfing or playing cards with friends. Quality of life may also include doing daily activities such as cooking, gardening or playing with the grandkids. By incorporating gentle, soothing and non-manipulative techniques, we aim to relive the symptoms that prevent you from staying active and give you the opportunity to experience a better quality of life in your later years.