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Child & BAby Chiropractic Tweed Heads

Seeing your children grow into happy, active little adventurers is a joy to witness. Whether they’re taking up new sports, exploring the neighbourhood or enjoying playtime in the comfort of your own home – sometimes issues may arise. Our Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads services are nurturing and focused on caring for your child.

Baby Chiropractor can assess the symptoms your child is presenting and prepare a solution to overcome these problems and refer you to the appropriate health care professional where needed.

Pediatrics Chiropractor

Our child & Baby Care technique

With each low-force, gentle chiropractic adjustment, we can unwind and relieve stress and tension in the spine, pelvis and cranium of your child.

Spinal and pelvic misalignment in children can occur for many reasons. Realignment, along with easing tension in their neck and upper body can have a dramatic impact on your child wellbeing and new world exploration.  Our aim is to encourage your child’s body to move without irritation and interference during the first crucial stages of development. 

Pediatrics Chiropractic Tweed Heads

Treatment for Teens and Young Adults

“Blink and you’ll miss it” is how many parents feel watching their children grow. Their skeleton structure takes time to mature, around 25 years, and continually goes through many different changes, challenges and developmental stages. We regularly provide care for teens experiencing back, neck or spinal irritation. We find that this irritation can be another stress and add impact to how they handle stresses of schooling, sport and other young adult commitments.  Left unchecked spinal irritations could have impact on how their last stage of skeletal development contributes to their spinal health in their adult future. 

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