Pregnancy Chiropractor Tweed Heads

pregnancy chiropractor tweed heads

Pregnancy Chiropractor Tweed Heads are experienced in caring for women in various stages of pregnancy and with varying symptoms. With assessment they can determine if chiropractic may help you in obtaining relief of your symptoms. Pregnancy Chiropractor Tweed Heads has tools and techniques to help any pregnant women enjoy and feel relaxed in her appointment. The office also has plenty of parking and onsite toilet facilities.

Pregnancy Chiropractic


Pregnancy changes combined with previous injuries and body stressors and your current daily routine can contribute to extra unnecessary stress on your body throughout pregnancy, which may lead to symptoms. These symptoms can greatly affect – not only your quality of life during pregnancy – but could continue after pregnancy.

Some of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy, include:

  • Pelvic and groin pain or instability
  • Back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Sacro-iliac pain name a few

How we look after you with our Pregnancy Chiropractic Services

We are experienced in looking after pregnant women. We choose gentle and relaxing low-force techniques, which are designed to help relieve stress and tension in the body. We have pregnancy pillows available to support you and your belly for those in later trimesters so you may lay face down comfortably for your adjustment. Our pregnancy chiropractic services are flexible to your need for comfort and have many ways to accomodate your needs.

Pregnancy Chiropractor

Postnatal CARE

Congratulations on your baby. Some recover quickly after giving birth, some a little longer and some need a little extra help and support.  Birth / pregnancy posture and strain combined with this next chapter in your life may have begun to create some postural stressors and symptoms while your are adapting to this new or previously familiar role.

If you’re suffering from common aches such as back, neck and shoulder pain, or another issue – our Pregnancy Chiropractor Tweed Heads services could assist in restoring strength and stability to your body.