We care for people of all ages, from newborns to the young and seniors 'the young at heart'! Walking into the practice you will see many families and individuals in different stages of life. Many choose us for our holistic and nurturing approach combined with our gentle techniques. Our team are experienced and undertake regular professional education as we are committed to offering the best care to the people of the Gold Coast, Tweed Coast and Northern Rivers. 

There are often four main reasons people come to see us:

  • Symptom relief (pain, illness and dysfunction)
  • To correct underlying causes of a chronic health issues
  • To prevent reoccurrence of a problem
  • As part of their healthy lifestyle

Pregnancy Chiropractor Tweed Heads

Nurturing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time, feeling relaxed and comfortable is foremost in helping women focus better on enjoying their pregnancy free of pain. At Nurture Chiropractic we have experience in caring for women in different stages of pregnancy. We use gentle, relaxing, low force techniques. Chiropractic is natural using no drugs or surgery. We take nothing out and put nothing in. We have techniques and tools to help women feel relaxed and comfortable during their appointment in any stage of pregnancy.

Baby and Children Chiropractor Tweed Heads


At Nurture Chiropractic we hold a very special place in our hearts for the little ones in your life. We have experience in caring for children of all ages. Our technique approach is calm and gentle and seeing children thrive gives us purpose to continue to do what we love.

Nurture Chiropractic has plenty of parking. A feeding couch and change table. Books and toys and plenty of room to play and entertain little ones.

Teenager Chiropractor Tweed Heads


At Nurture Chiropractic we have experience in caring for many teenagers and young adults naturally without drugs or surgery. As young adults teens are not at skeletal maturity until 25 years old they are still developing. They may be under postural stress from school or smart phones or have regular injuries through sport. They may complain of aches and pains or even headaches.  

At Nurture Chiropractic we include every young adult we care for, in the process of their care. We educate them about their spinal health and posture. We provide stretches and home care exercises where needed. We use gentle, low force techniques to support their last stages of growth and development and have after school appointments available with plenty of parking.

Young Active Couple Chiropractor Tweed Heads


We live in a constantly evolving and ever changing world. Everything feels like it happens so fast and we strive to do our best in every aspect of our lives. We are the young who apply our energy towards keeping up and doing better. That busy noise of our lives can often take a toll on us physically, chemically and emotionally, this is when symptoms and problems can arise.

At Nurture Chiropractic we aim to help you to take time for yourself, to quiet the noise of your life. We chiropractors are trained to assess the spine and nerve system for areas of tension and strain causing nerve interference, a subluxation. A subluxation is an area of the spine that has moved from its optimal position putting pressure on the nerve. Chiropractors assist the body in releasing this with an adjustment. An adjustment is a scientific and specific process that your Chiropractor has spent 5 years learning to perform at University.

Whilst many come to us for care of a health condition. Many people continue their care as apart of their health care routine.

At Nurture Chiropractic we would love to share with you testimonials and studies regarding chiropractic and health conditions. However the Australian Government prevents us from doing so.

Elderly Aged Chiropractor Tweed Heads


Many active seniors seek our services to assist in their musculoskeletal symptoms naturally through Chiropractic.

Nurture Chiropractic is as our names states Nurturing Chiropractic. We use techniques that lend to being more gentle and low force. Our techniques and processes are adaptable to each person should they find moving into certain positions difficult. These techniques are well suited to 'the young at heart' seniors.

Nurture Chiropractic is a ground floor office. There are no stairs and plenty of parking is available as well as a disability space in front of the office.

Lip and Tongue Tie Chiropractor Tweed Heads