Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads

Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads

Some babies have difficulties early in life. Some of theses aspects may relate to a posture issue from prolonged position in the womb or the birthing process itself. They may appear to have a head tilted to one side or cry when you touch them in a particular part of their spine. A health professional with experience in Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads may assist in their issue or point you in the right direction of someone who can. With a through health history and examination appointment at Nurture Chiropractic Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads they will help determine your babies needs.  With their nurturing and gentle approach and techniques you and your baby will be well looked after and reassured.


birth strain and your baby

Birth strain could produce symptoms and ailments, which can occur as a result of a slow or rapid delivery, caesarean, breech presentation or a forceps delivery. Even a natural birth without any complications can put pressure on a newborns head, neck and shoulders; resulting in stiffness and irritability due to discomfort in early life. 

Some symptoms of birth strain could include:

  • Difficulty settling and staying asleep
  • Head constantly turning to one side
  • Flattened area of the skull, one ear appears more forward than the other
  • Difficulties with breast feeding (ie. Favouring one breast over the other, fussing, arching etc)
  • Restricted Neck Movement

While there may be many underlying reasons for your child’s issues are occurring, seeking the services of a Baby Chiropractor Tweed Heads may help. Our Baby Chiropractor Tweed Heads can also assess your child’s situation and refer where needed to the most appropriate health professional for your child’s needs. 

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a gentle and natural approach

At Nurture Chiropractic, we're committed to providing a gentle, fun and relaxing environment for you and your child.  Assessing them with a thorough health history and full examination to locate their problem areas. We understand every newborn is different and work closely with other health professionals and refer, where deemed, to provide them with the most optimum care. This provides the best options on how best to address their needs.

Should we determine we may be able to assist in your child’s problem they will experience gentle, nurturing and low-force chiropractic techniques.

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enquiries Baby Chiropractor Tweed heads

For all enquiries regarding our Baby Chiropractic Tweed Heads services, call us on 07 5524 2846 or 0411 228 114 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. You can also email us at and we can answer any questions you may have about our services.