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Casuarina Beach Chiropractor Dr Kimberley Collins of Nurture Chiropractic is your local family chiropractor. Known better to the locals as ‘Kimba’ she provides experienced quality chiropractic care for families in all stages of life. Including pregnancy and babies, teens, adults and seniors. 

The active lifestyle of busy Casuarina Beach families can take its toll on the spine and nerve system. Leaving a spine ‘unchecked’ can lead to issues in the future such as postural stress and even spinal degeneration. Casuarina Beach locals have sought our services for years for four main reasons.

First is relief of symptoms, with experience in managing a range of varying symptoms, regardless of when and how they started. Symptoms such as headaches and back pain are among the usual that people come to Nurture Chiropractic for. You may be surprised when Dr Kimba enquires about symptoms that you may have thought inapplicable to a Chiropractor in the thorough examination process. 

The second reason people seek the services of local Casuarina Beach Chiropractor Dr Kimba Collins is to correct underlying issues. Chiropractors work with the spine, as it is the protective moveable casing around the nerve system. The brain and nerve system is the operating centre of every single process in the human body. Correcting deep lying structural issues can have a profound impact or the function of the system and symptoms. The examination process determines specific areas to be corrected and chronic spinal adaptation patterns.

The third reason Casuarina Beach families seek Nurture Chiropractic is to maximise their health. Many people begin their Chiropractic journey due to pain. Many people continue their care as part of their health care routine. Like a dental check up or going to the gym maintaining your spinal health is equally important.

The fourth reason Casuarina Beach families use Nurture Chiropractic is to care for their family and community. How’s that you ask? If everyone has a spine and a nerve system and having it checked is as equally as important as exercise and having your teeth checked? Is it valuable for only one family member? Consider the daily lifestyle of each person in your family. Is it possible they could benefit from having their spine checked with Dr Kimba Collins at Nurture Chiropractic too?

Dr Kimberley Collins is a highly educated and experienced local Casuarina Beach Chiropractor graduating from the prestigious New Zealand Chiropractic College. Dr Kimberley primarily uses a technique called Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT). Which recognises the relationship of the Sacrum (bottom of the spine) and the Occiput (top end of the spine). This relationship has important functions in weight bearing, proprioception and spinal fluid flow.

There are very few Chiropractors who use this specific technique in the local Casuarina Beach area. Dr Kimberley is the only female Chiropractor in Casuarina Beach using this technique and the surrounding areas of Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Cabarita Beach, Pottsville and Southern Gold Coast to as far south as Alstonville. Dr Kimberley holds Advanced Certification in this technique and is an assistant educator at SOTO seminars training other Chiropractors wanting to learn the technique. Dr Kimberley offers an alternative to the traditional manual chiropractic care prominent in the area. Providing some manual adjustments to adults when assessed to be applicable and absolutely necessary.

“I love living in this beautiful part of the world we all get call home Casuarina Beach. My life journey as a chiropractor is to share the chiropractic lifestyle and educate on spinal health to each family in Casuarina and the surrounding areas. I dedicate myself to providing quality service and recommending optimal care to each child, adult and senior I get the pleasure of working with.”
— Dr Kimberley Collins Nurture Chiropractic

Nurture Chiropractic is a short 15 min drive to your local Casuarina Beach Chiropractor in Tweed Heads South. To book your thorough Initial Consultation with Dr Kimberley Collins contact via mobile: 0411 228 114 office: 07 5524 2846 or email:  Begin your chiropractic health care journey today!