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Headaches Tweed Heads Nurture Chiropractic listens to you to understand your symptoms and needs.  Are your headaches affecting many aspects of daily life? Call Nurture Chiropractic Headaches Tweed Heads today on 07 5524 2846 and get a full initial assessment of your condition.

Headaches Tweed Heads suffers each have unique experiences when it comes to their symptoms. Headaches can affect the sufferer to impact on their personal, professional and financial life. Each headache is different from location, cause and symptoms. Tension headaches are one of the most common types of headaches our Headaches Tweed Heads Chiropractors treat. These sufferers describe the pain as beginning between and around the shoulders and stiffness in the neck. It may include an intense pain at the base of the skull and can radiate into the temporals, forehead and behind the eyes. The frequency of headaches can vary from monthly or weekly and in extreme cases almost daily.


As a society most of us are creatures of repetitive forward and restrictive tight postures. Think driving a car, using a smart phone and using the computer. Postural positions for these activities involve. Arms in front, elbows tucked into sides and a reasonably isolated and small amount of movement around the activity. Head posture is usually forward with a slight down tuck of the chin. Put yourself in this position of driving, texting or using the computer. Where are you holding tension? Now do this for an hour, 4 hours, 8 hours a day…everyday.  Include an old unresolved injury that your body may have adapted to. How’s that tension now?  Changing your posture and set up can help but often does not completely solve the issue of doing the activity repetitively, especially if that repetitive activity provides an income.


At Nurture Chiropractic we assess each individuals Headaches Tweed Heads case for underlying spinal issues. We see many Headaches Tweed Heads sufferers that have been experiencing symptoms regularly. What if much of this suffering could be avoided? We use a range of tests and assessment protocols to gather as much information about how your body is functioning to tailor the most optimum care plan for you and your needs. We advise care on a ‘case by case’ basis as no two headache sufferers set of circumstances, symptoms and past health history are exactly the same.


Our Headaches Tweed Heads Chiropractors also refer should they recognise your case is not chiropractic related. We often collaborate care with other health professionals to improve your results and speed your recovery. We also refer should your case require advanced imaging technologies. Call Headaches Tweed Heads at Nurture Chiropractic on 07 5524 2846 to book your initial consultation.