back pain tweed heads

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Back Pain Tweed Heads? Call Nurture Chiropractic for a thorough assessment of your complaint. Don’t let back pain keep you from enjoying family, sports and independence.

Back Pain Tweed Heads suffers turn to Nurture Chiropractic for thorough care of their condition. There are many causes for back pain such as recent injury or repetitive stress. Those with back pain may experience these symptoms daily or on occasion after particular activities. It is common to hear that a back pain sufferer first experienced an episode of the symptoms years before their current state.


Nurture Chiropractic Tweed Heads commonly sees back pain sufferers who are unsure of the steps they should take on their road to recovery. They may have tried other therapies or not understood thoroughly their condition. Nurture Chiropractic supports Back Pain Tweed Heads sufferers by involving them in the process to fully understand their condition. Back Pain does not discriminate according to your daily activity, age or gender. Tradesman; mothers; desk worker; students and sportsman can all be in a state of repetitive stress with various implications on their skeletal system.


Back pain Tweed Heads sufferers may describe the painful event as a slow onset of burning pain, tension, stiffness or radiating symptoms like sciatica. Pain is your bodies last resort in notifying you of a problem, before this your spine adapts to the activity in an attempt to continue to function. Adaptation patterns may be experienced as postural changes, varying symptoms or no symptoms at all. Left un-checked spinal adaptation due to repetitive stress could lead to spinal degeneration.  Spinal degeneration can occur due to scar tissue that has accumulated in the soft tissues of the spine, causing lack of motion of spinal segments, inflammation, muscle tension, pain, disc wearing and eventually extra bone growth at spinal segments.


Injury is often a more obvious cause of back pain to the sufferer, like a slip and fall. Where as other causes of injury may appear mild to the sufferer such as a weekend digging in the garden.  Even the avid local surfer and golfer, no matter their skill level, is sometimes in need of our nurturing techniques after injury in the water or on course.  Nurture Chiropractic is experienced in caring for all causes of pain and many causes of injury. We are qualified to assist you should an injury occur and advise you on your best course of action and refer you if needed. Making sure your body is healed and game ready after injury is crucial to avoiding reoccurrence of back pain.  If you’re a back pain Tweed Heads sufferer you understand how it can interrupt aspects of your life. Contact Nurture Chiropractic Back Pain Tweed Heads today.