Is your heart sharing emotional secrets?


Is your heart sharing emotional secrets?

Your heart beats for you daily pumping oxygenated blood. It lies in your chest surrounded by your lungs, diaphragm, rib cage, chest and back muscles. Consider the tightness you feel in your shoulders, upper back, neck and chest. How’s your posture, what position are you in most of the day? How does this affect you heart? Stressed? Emotional?
The chiropractic adjustment can release much tension, as most reading this know. It has been found that an adjustment stimulates your parasympathetic nerve system, the part of your nerve system responsible for automatically relaxing the system. The response in turn is a more relaxed heart rhythm or a less stressed heart.  

A heart in a stressed state has been found to be operating more from a sympathetic state, the opposite part of your nerve system to your parasympathetic part. Heartmath Institute have found that it is around 85% predictable to determine a person’s usual emotional state by viewing their Heart Rate Variability (HRV). HRV is the rhythm of your heart over time. If it changes smoothly it is found these people tend to reason more and have less emotional turmoil. If a persons HRV is more erratic and unstable over time they are usually more stressed and emotional. These energies of your heart have been found to radiate in a field beyond the heart boundaries. These fields can carry with it a persons 'state' ie. relaxed or stressed.

The heart has an energetic field that reaches out around us and has been recorded to be 60 times greater than the brain. It has recently been found that this energetic field can be detected and measured in another person from 3 feet away possibly more, while seated nearby or holding hands. When people are in proximity there is an exchange of their energetic hearts between them. Their hearts literally interact.

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So what information are you sharing in your heart field? 🤔

The Heartmath institute are continually researching all intriguing aspects of the heart and how they relate to our emotions. Next month we explore more of this fascinating and poorly understood organ the heart and look into the emotional heart – brain connection.

heart healthy valentines chocolates.jpg

Valentines Day and Heart Research Australia Day are both this month. Celebrate all things health and chocolate with these heart healthy valentines chocolates.

Heart Healthy Valentines Chocolates
This recipe is from Super Healthy Kids

1 1/2 cup – walnuts, chopped
8 medium – dates, Medjool
1/2 cup – cocoa powder, unsweetened

Blend walnuts in a high powered blender or food processor until a powder.
Pit the dates, then add walnut powder to a bowl and the pitted dates. Using your hands mix the two ingredients together until the dates are completely incorporated.
Add the cocoa. Shape into a mold.
Top with dried fruit, coconut, granola, or peanut butter!
*Use less cocoa if you don't love dark chocolate.