World Health Day 7th April



The World Health Organisation defines health as a

"State of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

WHO ~ Accessed 29.3.19

This definition was first presented to me as a Chiropractic Student. We were encouraged to philosophise. Discovering that questioning ideas enabled reflection with your own values and triggered research for truth. This helped me realise that everyone has his/her own definition of “health”and “well being”.

Looking at thisWHOdefinition of health and philosophising will help you inturn realise what you think about your own health.

So what does this WHO definition of health actually mean?

What is considered a “state of well being”?

What is it to be “well”?

The definition includes 'being well" to more than just the absence of disease and infirmity. How do you know when you are being a “well being”?

And how do you know when you are a “well being” in your physical, mental and social aspects?

How do you go about achieving “health and well being” in your own life and that of your families?

man with arms up.jpg

You may define your own health as not being sick and being out of pain. When you’re not sick and out of pain what does this allow you to do?

Reflect on not being sick and pain free. What does this mean for your physical, mental and social life? Or think about the opposite when I am sick and in pain how does that affect my physical, mental and social aspects of my “being”?

If the WHOdefines health as being MOREthan the absence of disease and infirmity then what does a “being” like that look like?

stick figure question mark.jpg

When I think about this I see someone taking ACTION!
You can just ‘BE’ without illness.
To be more than just the absence of this takes ‘action'.

The ‘action’ of focusing on a direction of what you want your health to be and look like, takes imagination and vision on what ‘health’ means to you.

An athlete has a very different vision of their ‘health’ to a person wanting to be just pain and illness free. They focus on each aspect of their physical, mental and social lives and they choose specific actions to support their vision.


Someone who enjoys wearing the latest fashion may see their 'health' as being able to fit into their favourite outfit.

As a Chiropractor, people seek my care according to their own ‘health’ values. Before your next Chiropractic appointment ask yourself why you come in to have your spine and nerve system checked? What value does freeing your nerve system of interference have to your vision of health?

Is it just to be pain free?
Is it to enhance your function and clear the fog from your brain?
As each specific area of restriction on your nerve system is cleared in your next adjustment reflect on what this means. What do you want to achieve?

You may start to ask yourself why you do any health action. Why do you clean your teeth? Why do you go for a walk? Why do I go I spend time with loved ones? Why do you do the crossword?

health mind map.jpg

What do you want your physical, mental and social “well being” to look like in the next 5, 10 & 20 years?

Do you seeing yourself being just pain free and not sick?

Or do you have a greater vision of “health” and “well being” for yourself and your family?